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Remembering Jeff German

Remembering Jeff German

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“Quite truthfully, he was a fearless reporter. If a story was there, he didn’t care who it was. Christ, look at the people he went after, that he’s written stories about. Let’s face it, there was no one he would back off. … He was sort of the embodiment of the First Amendment. To have a vigorous First Amendment you need vigorous reporters.”
Veteran criminal defense attorney Tom Pitaro
“There is one person who had the inside of the entire case, and that was Jeff. He just would not give up.”
Former Clark County District Attorney David Roger, on German’s coverage of the 1998 death of casino executive Ted Binion
“He had a strong sense of right and wrong. If he thought someone was wrong or wronging the little guy, it was part of his DNA to go after it guns blazing.”
George McCabe, longtime friend of German’s
“He was fair. He was transparent. He was as good as they come.”
Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Kathleen Bliss
“He was a real old school journalist. He respected the role of the press and looked at both sides of a story.”
Defense attorney David Chesnoff
“Jeff had a way of squeezing all the information a source had out of them. Many Las Vegans may not realize they’ve lost someone who wrote the first draft of our young community’s history.”
Francis McCabe, former Review-Journal reporter
“Regardless of political party or how popular somebody was, if they’d done something wrong, he’d call them on it. He’s been described as a bulldog; once he was on a story, he couldn’t be shaken off.”
Steve Sebelius, RJ Politics and Government Editor
“He was the gold standard of the news business. It’s hard to imagine what Las Vegas would be like today without his many years of shining a bright light on dark places.”
Glenn Cook, RJ Executive Editor
“This man is our hero of truth. He stepped up when others wouldn’t to tell our story. We owe him so much. ..A true example of what journalism should be. My life will forever be changed because of him.”
Aleisha Dillard-Goodwin
“Jeff was totally dedicated to his work as a reporter. He was not someone who it was, ‘Maybe I’ll be a reporter for a while and then I’ll go do something else.’ He was a reporter probably from birth to death. Ink was running very heavily in his veins.”
Geoff Schumacher, vice president of exhibits and programs at the Mob Museum
“He was a fearless reporter and never shied away from tough stories no matter who was involved. Many exposed need for reform which made our city better.”
Rep. Dina Titus
“A tragic loss for our community.”
Steve Sisolak, Nevada governor