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Walking the Floor

Evaluating service the right way

By Steve Browne

When was the last time you took a good look at customer service? I'm not talking about what's in the trendy books on the coffee table, or the customer-service-training seminar everyone gets when they go through orientation, nor the latest pablum in the employee newsletter.

When was the last time you walked the floor, cruised the halls and peeked into the corners? When last did you look for the signs that benchmark your company's commitment to serving customers, making them happy and keeping them coming back? If you haven't done it in the past week, much less the past year, then tie on those tennies and get moving.

Corporate Compensation

The Other Casino Executives

Compensation for the Hotel and Food & Beverage Executive

By Keith Kefgen at Gold Rush Slots

The competitive edge in modern casino resorts has changed dramatically, and very recently. The days of cheap hotel rooms and tired buffets are gone forever. Now, from riverboats and locals operations to megaresorts, quality hotel and food-and-beverage offerings are must haves in order to compete.

More importantly, rooms and food-and-beverage offerings are not simply something to give away but have become profit centers in their own right. In Las Vegas the average daily rate for a hotel room continues to rise every month, and it is as hard to get a reservation at one of the plethora of five-star restaurants as it is in New York or Los Angeles. Play the best games at Daisy Slots.

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